Kevin Owens Talks About The Support From His Parents To Be A WWE Superstar

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jun 24, 2020
Kevin Owens Talks About The Support From His Parents To Be A WWE Superstar
Kevin Owens sits down with the crew of WWE’s The Bump for an exclusive interview. when asked by Kayla that, obviously this past Sunday was Father's Day and we know the special bond that you have with your dad as we saw in my son at a WWE Superstar. How important was it for you that your mom and your dad were so supportive of you becoming a wrestler.

Kevin Owens responded saying that, "I mean, I really don't think I would have gotten here without them period like when I discovered wrestling you know, and I said whatever this covered wrestling as a fan, that's one thing but when other people are, you know, when other people have heard countless stories of other people telling their parents say I want to become a wrestler at that my parents going. Okay, come on, you know, you'll grow out of it. You got to be serious, whatever goes into different paths in life stuff like that. I would I never thought that they immediately embraced it and pushed me toward it and then, you know, even when I was 14".

He further added, "Jean my mom was looking for a you know a place for me to train for wrestling stuff like that. She even you know, my mom's pretty introverted. She's not a very, you know outgoing person in terms of like just gonna talk to up going up to people and thought but she's actually the one who made the first moves toward me like getting a place to train and talking to people about a place that trains near our house and stuff like that".

"So and you know, my dad and my mom both 'The drove me to my wrestling class when I could when I did not like, you know, I wasn't driving age and stuff like that. So that's just at the beginning and then once I started wrestling and start traveling they followed me through, you know, every show that could come to they would and without their supporters really, it's absolutely sure that I would not be sitting here at a cabin in Tennessee talking to you guys right now".

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