Kevin Owens Vs. Angel Garza Vs. Andrade Full Recap(Jun, 8, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 09, 2020
Kevin Owens Vs. Angel Garza Vs. Andrade Full Recap(Jun, 8, 2020)
Apollo Crew walked down to the ring, Apollo said he is very excited to defend his title against the number 1 contender that is going to be between Kevin Owens, Angel Garza, and Andrade. The mic hit and Andrade, Austin with Zalina interrupted him. Kevin Owens attack from behind. Kevin Owens joined the ring for the match.

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The bail rang as they Andrade and Angle took rough shots on Kevin Owens with a team-up. Andrade and Angel had some trash talking, Kevin Owens suddenly, had the big hand on Andrade, but once again he was laid down by Andrade and Angel, Kevin Owens kept fighting, Angel with a Dropkick to Kevin Owens at the back on the neck.

Apollo Crews was watching them from the backstage!! Angel and Andrade with Double-Suplex, Andrade went for the cover but Garza broke it up, now they started to have trash-talking at the middle of the ring, Andrade shoved Angel and then sent him out of the ring, Andrade followed him back with a big hand to send through the barricade, Zalina Vega tried to split them up but instead got hit, now Andrade and Angel check her out.

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Kevin Owens was at the top turnbuckle where he was joined by Angel in order to make Drop, Kevin Owens with a big Elbow to take Angel down and then had jump for the cover, Andrade from behind to break the cover.

Kevin Owens with Corner Somersault Senton to both the superstars, he once again went with Andrade but he got out of the way as Kevin Owens sent himself through the turnbuckle, Angel Garza and Andrade started to take the bout. Kevin Owens from behind with superkick to both, he went on the top rope for Frog Splash to Andrade, he kicked out at two.

We saw Angel and Kevin Owens were fighting in the ring, Kevin Owens with Stunner and went for the cover, Andrade walked in the ring with his move to Kevin Owens, He went for the cover on Angel to win the match.

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