King Corbin, Nakamura And Cesaro Vs. Drew Gulak, Daniel Bryan And Otis Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
King Corbin, Nakamura And Cesaro Vs. Drew Gulak, Daniel Bryan And Otis Full Recap
King Corbin, Nakamura And Cesaro defeated Drew Gulak, Daniel Bryan And Otis in a six-man Tag-Team Matchup tonight on SmackDown.

Otis joined Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak against King Corbin, Nakamura and Cesaro. The bail rang and we headed with Daniel and King Corbin the ring, Cesaro and Drew were then replaced in the ring, Cesaro did not take Drew to take the advantage as he continued to make the charge. Cesaro tagged with Nakamura, Drew somehow locked the tag with Otis who took down Nakamura and Cesaro out of the ring.

After the commercial break, we saw King Corbin and Daniel in the ring. King Corbin was taking the lead over Daniel, Otis and Drew Gulak cheered up Daniel to get back up in the match King Corbin made the tag with Cesaro who first sent Otis with knee strick and paid his eye on Daniel. Cesaro was in complete charge taking the shots on Daniel Bryan.

While, The match was over quite some time before but all the competitors showed a preview of what Money In The Bank Ladder match is gonna look like. King Corbin, Nakamura, and Cesaro caught Drew in the middle of the to take some shots on him but Daniel came with a knee strick on King Corbin. Nakamura and Cesaro aid of King Corbin in taking out Daniel.

Otis was right there to bring the help for Daniel. King Corbin, Nakamura, Cesaro, Drew Gulak, Daniel Bryan and Otis fought through the arena. At another side we saw King Corbin bring the ladder into the ring to climb in the act of taking briefcase. He stepped up but got a distraction from Daniel Bryan.

They now fought all alone at the middle of the ring. Daniel tried to climb on the ladder but again was taken down by King Corbin. Otis also joined them, Otis set off his eyes on King Corbin while Daniel was out of the ring.

Otis tried to climb at the top of the ladder but could not do so as the ladder broke with the weight of Otis. Meanwhile, King Corbin joined the and made Otis unable to climb the ladder. King Corbin took out Otis and finally climbed the ladder to take a hold on Briefcase.

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