Lacey Evans Takes The Retribution From Bayley To Lit Up Their Royal Rumble Match

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 25, 2020
Lacey Evans Takes The Retribution From Bayley To Lit Up Their Royal Rumble Match
Welcome to Anfostar_After the two days Baley and Lacey Evans gonna have their match WWE SMackdown women's championship at Royal Rumble. But before that, they have something to the retribution that is surely gonna make you more exciting to watch Royal Rumble.

Let's read out the full recap to know what went down

Michael Cole was there had some question with Lacey. First of all, he introduced Evans who made her way in the arena they disrespected the entire women's division my father worked so hard a leader the continues to inspire the people and that's what she wants to do and gonna do. She got emotional as she talked about her father losing his battle with addiction and depression.

Cole says Evans will have to be a leader herself if she beats Bayley. She says she will be a leader that shows you can accomplish anything if you keep pushing, no matter what's happened or where you've been. Cole dragged the matter of her daughter who was confronted by Sasha Banks last month.

She said people were out there who cheered for her but what happened backstage she was crying and asked me to tell the exact what went through. She had to explain about this being her job. Evans said Banks and Bayley stood in between her and her daughter when her daughter was trying to support the watching that makes her angry but she's glad her daughter stood up to bullies.

Bayley came behind to took down Lacey Evans on the ground, referees stopped them. Kayla Braxton we had Carmella backstage who declared their Royal Rumble entries, during the interview they were distracted by Lacey Evans and Bayley that were fighting there, Lacey took the retribution on Bayley, lacey was stopped by both of them.

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