Lacey Evans Vs. Sonya Deville Full Recap( Jun, 5, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 06, 2020
Lacey Evans Vs. Sonya Deville Full Recap( Jun, 5, 2020)
Lacey Evans made her way up to the ring but Sonya Deville from behind attacked Lacey Evans.

After the break, we spotted Lacey Evans and Sonya into the ring brawling through the ring, Lacey took down Sonya with a push, Sonya withhold from back, Lacey broke it up and had some hits with nice Elbow, Lacey hitting Sonya into to turnbuckle, Sonya with a Big Boot to take down Lacey.

Sonya continued to make the harm for Lacey, Sonya stood on the long hair of Lacey and continued to have trash talk with her, Lacey back to the match with massive hit and then back to back knee at the top of the apron. Meanwhile, we saw something happening with the referee who told them to back it up as he had some injury to his leg, more referee walked towards the ring to check him out.

Now, Sonya Deville ran rough on Lacey Evans though the ring and out of the ring, she brought the insult for Lacey by crushing her on a steel chair.

Meanwhile, Mandy Rose appeared on the big screen to bring some distraction, Lacey Evans with Women's right and then a Moonslaut to win the match.

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