Lana And Liv Morgan Go Head To Head Tonight On Raw

Anfostar Team Mon Jan 27, 2020
Lana And Liv Morgan Go Head To Head Tonight On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Last night on the Royal Rumble we saw Liv Morgan and Lana came by the ring and eliminated each other by an instant once-going-out. It was Liv Morgan who took the first step to take out Lana tossing through the top of the rope. Immediately, the elimination was followed by Liv Morgan when she pulled over by Lana from the outside of the ring and this is how they continued to make their rivalry extended.

Both competitors have got some unfinished business to finish off but by the now they have got the chance to make it done when they face each other in singles action while Both The Bulgarian Brute and all Mighty will be banned to stand side by side with their parties. Rusev and Bobby Lashley have been the intense factor to make all battles waged. The kind of way took the place since Lana got to indulged in the affection of the love of Bobby by leaving Rusev aside. henceforth rivalry is not taking an end and continues to simmering whether it is the restraining order or The marriage.

While one thing is more likable to note that Bobby Lashley has been successful in walking out victorious by defeating Rusev as he did the same last week in a mixed tag-team match where Lana Bobby Defeated Liv Morgan and Rusev.

Reportedly, it will be the first singles fight for Liv Morgan in six months as well as an opportunity for the pair to settle the score on their own unfinished business. Lana always wanted to get her hand on Liv Morgan and finally, the chance is in her hand when she goes one on one with Liv Morgan next week after the Royal Rumble.

The battle is more like a personal fight while Liv Morgan has made it already clear that she is going get the complete retribution on her. She took the twitter to write that "Call your mother, your uncle, your dog.." even call your cousin because this is gonna be a great family event and we wouldn’t want ANYONE to miss out Quote Tweet.

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