Lana Says, Rusev & I Fooled All Of You Again

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jul 01, 2020
Lana Says, Rusev & I Fooled All Of You Again
As we all know that Lana's getting married on Raw was just the part of the Storyline. Rusev is still the real-life Husband of Lana.

They both are often seen streaming live on Twitch and sometimes on Tik Tok which, the once she posted recently on Twitter saying that "We fooled you! Hahahaha! [ToBeMiro] formerly known as #Rusev & I fooled all of you again !!!! Hahahahahaha !!!".

Ruseve also reacted writing off that, "That’s how you TikTok".

In another tweet she wrote, "Why is twitter so full of angry haters ??? Simply because they are jealous that my real-life husband [ToBeMiro] & I are the greatest of all time! #GOAT #tooblessedtobestressed he is twitching".

The mixed tag team of Rusev and Morgan was defeated by Lana and Lashley in the January 20 episode of Raw. Rusev teamed with Humberto Carrillo in a loss to Lashley and Angel Garza on the February 17 episode of Raw. This would end up being Rusev's final appearance in WWE.

Amidst the pandemic, you can see Rusev stream and play video games on Twitch and replying to the fans very wisely at some points, in fact, this is also the responsibility to unveil Rusev's status.

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