List Of 25 Superstars With Strange Side Jobs

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 26, 2020
List Of 25 Superstars With Strange Side Jobs
25 years ago today Jerry Lawler introduced us to Isaac yankem DDS., the demented dentist came at a time when a lot of superstars and side occupations. So here twenty-five superstars who had day jobs. There's no better place to start than with Isaac yankem DDS. Jerry Lawler's dentist made his in-ring debut against Bret Hart at SummerSlam 1995 and went cavity to cavity against the likes of diesel and the Ultimate Warrior.

Let's move on to the most iconic pairing on the list Paul Bearer and The Undertaker the funeral home director and his trusted Undertaker. We would see the 6 foot 10 monster preparing caskets for opponents and putting his victims the literal body bag. plus let's not forget. He tried to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin ones WWE Hall of Famer. The big boss man was a corrections officer who was known for making criminal serve a hard time and Cobb County, Georgia boss man battles his Canadian counterpart the mountie and the jailhouse match at SummerSlam 1991 forcing this member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to serve the night in The Slammer the mountie did find success a few months later though defeating Bret Hart's become Intercontinental Champion the Repo Man. Yeah.

There's a lot going on here. The masked Superstar would repossess items when people didn't pay on time on the second episode of Raw Repo Man attacked up Randy Savage and repossessed Macho Man's hat on July 16 1995 the Ahmet has EO a magician and mine who was so skilled at his craft that he disappeared altogether on July 17th, 1995, because Arnie was a carnival worker who made a bizarre debut in January 2009 before quickly fading away Dean Douglas, was a college dean who would educate viewers in 1995 with a condescending analysis of the opposition called the report card the. Deans well-studied tactics did lead to a couple of minutes as Intercontinental Champion.

The dumpster' was a garbage man who had a hard time keeping his job separate bringing our garbage can with him to the ring every single night. the dumpster found a natural fo and TL Hopper the plumber turns Superstar debuted in July 1996 scoring the win after shouting. It's plunging time and hitting a Brain Buster the Roadie was the sidekick for hopeful country music star, Jeff Jarrett the only problem for Double J. Was that the roadie Is the real voice of the duo he eventually moved on from being a roadie to a road dog.

Now, let's move on to some to sport athletes when Major League Baseball went on strike in 1994 a buckle ball Schwartz temporarily transition into an in-ring competitor likewise. The going was a disgraced hockey turned and ring competitor whose boots were designed to look like ice skates stock car racer Thurman Sparky plugg transitioned into the ring in 1994. He somehow lasted twenty-one minutes and the 1994 Royal Rumble match.

The Spirit Squad were a group of five male cheerleaders who took WWE by storm forming a heated rivalry with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. that sparked the 2006 reunions of D-Generation X. Irwin are shyster was a shady tax collector who proves you can wrestle and a tie and suspenders IRS famously aligned up the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase as money Inc. Which defeated Hulk Hogan am Brutus Beefcake at WrestleMania 9 to retain the world tag team. even after the legendary Dudley Boyz split up as a result of the 2002 brand extension draft Devon took his Testify mantra' the heart becoming Reverend d-von the Reverend actually pinned the triple-eight and may 2002 forever. Devon was of course accompanied by a deacon Deacon Batista to be exact a hulking brute who carried a collection box around his neck but east of course would eventually evolve into a six-time world champion in WWE Joven.

Batista of course would eventually evolve into a six-time world champion in WWE Hall of Fame, but Yvonne wasn't the first holy man to make his way into the ring back in 1993 Friar Ferguson made a foray into the squared Circle to 385 pounds monk one his loan match by sitting on his opponent for the recount. then he doused himself in water to cool off alligator Hunters Skinner emerged from the swamps of the, Florida.

Everglades in 1991 to compete in WWE for two years David Otunga came to WWE with a Harvard law degree. So it was only a matter of time for the likes of John Laurinaitis and Ricardo Rodriguez to enlist as counsel to bring legal headaches the likes of Triple H and Sheamus WWE Hall of Famer Brutus,. The Barber Beefcake was an iconic Superstar of the late 1980s into the early 1990s. He was known for cutting and strutted chopping off. His opponent are with the giant shears. He brought to the ring.

It Wasn't the safest demonstration about a whoop of scissors, but man it was entertaining joint. The clown was considered an evil clown when he first arrived to WWE making kids cry and attacking opponents with prosthetic what Los Matadores were attacked team of matadors accompanied to the ring by a full name. El Torito the Rivalry with 3MB. Let's do the classic. We housing match Extreme Rules 2014.

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