Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott Reunites On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue Aug 04, 2020
Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott Reunites On Raw
Kevin Owens welcomed us all, Kevin Owens took the mic and said, Tonight a plenty of things are happening. One of those is the return of Shan McMahon. now, I have plenty of thought. I have plenty of thoughts on that, but that's not what I want to talk about tonight is this is an issue. There you go that's been ongoing for several months and I want to bring out one of the people involved. She's a very talented woman a good friend of mine. He went on to welcome Ruby Riott.

They set off into the ring, Kevin Owens asked, "Recently, you know you beat Peyton Royce was your first victory in a little while. You got pretty emotional after that".

Riott said, I was Kevin mean it's no secret. You know, I've had pretty bad luck since I came back I haven't been able to secure a singles win since February and the IIconics have done their best to grind salt, right? To that wound, you know, I've dealt with women like the IIconics pretty much my entire life toxic sad broads. They gotta bring people down just to build themselves back up, but last week I finally got to shut up Peyton Royce and put an end to the IIconics.

That's an easy task. You should be proud, but the only thing that could have made that moment better is if Liv was out to celebrate with me.

Kevin Owens said, I'm sorry. I got a little excited speaking of liv. She's actually about to come out here. The music hit as we welcomed Liv into the ring. Kevin Owens let Ruby explain to Liv Morgan about their relationships.

Ruby said, "When I came back, I thought that everything was going to be the same. And I was wrong everything was different. This place was different and you were different but you were thriving and you were coming into your own and I thought maybe maybe maybe you didn't need me. And that hurt and then you beat me. Laughs you beat me twice.

And I realized maybe you didn't need me at all. This world that I came back to without Sarah without being needed. I wasn't ready for it and I took it out on you, and I'm so sorry because that was wrong liv that was wrong,. But every time I look at this tattoo, and I know you've got it in the back of your neck. It's The Day My Life changed forever. It's our debut date live. All I'm asking for is another chance. Another chance for the Riot Squad to be stronger than it's ever been.

The IIConics claimed that no one is better than us. Kevin Owens went to speak them something, but The IIconics slapped Keinv Owens. We saw Kevin Owens asked for a little from the Riott squad.

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan took The IIconics down beating them black and blue. The match went for a very short while, Liv Morgan with her move to win the match.

We saw The IIconics started beating Liv Morgan. Meanwhile, Ruby Riott with big right hand making the save for Liv Morgan. Riott and Liv teamed up to launch their move on Peyton Royce.

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