MITB Bayley(c) Vs. Tamina Snuke Full Recap, Bayley Retains The Title

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 10, 2020
MITB Bayley(c) Vs. Tamina Snuke Full Recap, Bayley Retains The Title
Bayley and Sasha Bank entered the ring. Tamina also followed them in the ring. The bail rang and we saw Bayley backing Tamina with some trash talk but Tamina splashed Bayley at the back of the neck. Tamina backing Bayley in the turnbuckle. Bayley tried to hit Tamina but she caught Bayley and sent her at the top of the turnbuckle.

Tamina with Body Slam at Bayley to send her out of the ring. Bayley looked to drag Tamina out of the ring. Bayley grabbed Tamina's Leg to slam it to the turnbuckle. Bayley continued to cause the injured leg, Sasha Bank was applauding for her friend.

Bayley entered the ring and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Tamina got backup in the match with Headbutt and then slammed her into the turnbuckle. Tamina looked for the Superkick but Bayley caught the leg in the air and went for the submission move, Tamina somehow escaped from the grip and landed a Samoa Drop on Bayley.

Tamina followed Tamina outside of the ring. Bayley caught Tamina for a slam at the apron. Bayley splashed the water at Tamina at the top of the apron.

Tamina suddenly, changed the direction and landed a Superkick on Bayley to take her out. Bayley went out of the ring and went saw Tamina following her back to send her through the announce table.

Tamina dragged her into the ring and landed a Superkick for the cover but got the distraction from Sasha Bank. Tamina turned her attention towards Sasha Bank which led the advantage for Bayley to roll up Tamina for the win.

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