Major Role Revealed For john Cena In 'F9' (Fast And Furious)

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 01, 2020
Major Role Revealed For john Cena In 'F9' (Fast And Furious)
Welcome to Anfostar_ It's now official that John Cena Playing a Younger Brother role Of Vin Diesel's Character In 'Fast 9', who did not like his brother ever as they get behind each other for the fight. Dom is the character of Vin Diesel's and Jakob's character is played by John Cena as the Trailer Revealed of the new 'F9' (Fast & Furious 9) movie.

The official F9 trailer was released today. the special trailer Stars Cena, Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, and so on as it was shown in the trailer.

The trailer reveals that Cena as Jacob Toretto is the younger brother of Diesel's character Dom, who was against a master thief. Assassin. Hight performance driver. Jacob apparently isn't happy with his older brother. It more shows that Jacob does not like the work done by his older brother Dom and plays connectivity with the returning Cipher character from the Fast 8 movie, Charlize Theron. They play the roles with a full team of them and that's how the actions prevail in the movie.

Immediately John Cena had his comment on the battle of brothers in F9.

You can watch out few more tweets of the posters which reveals the characters.

The Movie will theatrically be released on May 22!

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