Major Update On Kairi Sane's Return Against Bayley & Sasha Banks

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 02, 2020
Major Update On Kairi Sane's Return Against Bayley & Sasha Banks
There is the Major Update On Kairi Sane's Return teaming up with Asuka Against Bayley & Sasha Banks, maybe this Raw.

Sane hasn't wrested since suffering a nasty head injury while competing against Nia Jax on 26 May. The Former Tag-Team Champion Kairi Sane had her head scratched during the bout against Nia Jax which she posts on twitter with a message to Nia Jax.

kairi Sana sprouted turmoil against Nia Jax several occasions and each she was handed over the defeat by Nia Jax. We also witnessed Nia Jax turning ruthless on Kairi at backstage which caused Kairi Sane to be out of the ring for several days.

Now, it will adequate to predict on her return, Kairi Sane is to make her return maybe this Monday Night on Raw.

last night Io Shiri won the fight against Sasha Banks with the assist from Asuka who out of nowhere appeared spiting Green Mist, apparently letting Io win the match.

After the match Bayley and Sasha Banks seen to have gone savage on what was done by Asuka. Sasha Banks also posted with the caption that says,"ou’re welcome @shirai_io but this isn’t over. @WWEAsuka it’s only just begun. #LetGetExtreme #2BeltzBanks #Sasha3Shows".

A few hours ago, Raw Women's Champion Asuka took to her twitter and asked Kairi Sane writing that, "Where are you? Come on, come on".

Kairi Sane also made the response making Asuka believe that She is almost there.

The speculations say from us that Kairi Sana and Asuka are going to team up against Bayley and Sasha Banks this Friday Night or maybe on Raw.

Below are the tweets

As noted Asuka will put Raw Women's Title on the line against Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules.

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