Matt Hardy Posts Another Video Urging Fans To Wear Mask

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jun 28, 2020
Matt Hardy Posts Another Video Urging Fans To Wear Mask
Matt Hardy is among others who are urging fans to wear the mask by their social media platform in such a critical phase. Wresting word is never down to provide us the entrainment, they have always up to present their quality performance.

Matt Hardy posted another video on urging the fans to wear the mask where ever they are going.

Matt Hardy added, "I'm going up another video as the Fantastical broken metal body, but I know there's a lot of people out there that don't get broken that they don't understand the way you speak. So now I'm releasing a video as normal real life, man, and I'm also going to talk about the importance of wearing a mask and hold it right there now, to be honest. I don't get up the first thing in the morning and go. Oh my God. It's a beautiful day. I can't wait to put on my mask and go to the gas station. Don't my car put on a mask and go to the grocery store to pick up girls"

"She's my family. I don't say that in a perfect world. I wouldn't have to have over the world. None of us have to we are obviously not living in a perfect world. We are in the midst of a pandemic over a hundred twenty-five thousand arrogance dead. The growth of this virus has been a rapid ever the last couple of days and I know a lot of people going I'm not gonna wear a mask because this is a political thing the government is trying to control me. No, actually the government-controlled us for a while when they shut down businesses and whatnot".

And I made everybody go on lockdown and everyone was quarantined, but then they let us back out once they let us out to our own devices and then in the midst of all these protesters who were going on. That's when the numbers went ran rapid and now they're more than ever stronger than ever and even people say like well, you know a lot of you recover from the crown of our some Serum at you're 45 years old, you're in good health. you will recover and yeah".

He said, "I probably would if I got it, but it's not just about me dies then he was just about you that's selfish as certainly can be something I have an Emily I have a wife I have three young children ages 5 3 & 1 and I certainly don't want my children to grow but somebody reversible effects that were hung them when they were very young when they were infants and then I have a father this is 86 years old in poor health. So if I would get the virus and then give it to him that's a death sentence for him wearing a mask is not only to protect you is pretending other people too. We have to be accountable we have to be responsible. We like to do our individual Parts in the greater good".

"The try and help slow down this pandemic. That is the whole point here wearing a mask is just the right thing to do. It's being responsible. It's given as** about other people out there and if you think wearing a mask and makes you weak or gray, it doesn't wear a mask to make some unselfish. It makes you intelligent. So America get your s** together wear a mask utilize social distancing use common sense. I mean people think like you have to wear masks 24 hours of the day. That's not the case you go in the grocery store where your mask what 15 minutes you want to go to the gas station?".

"If you're a public place around its not only prevention for you, but the social protection to them these examples very good be concerned about your fellow Americans and let's start doing everything that we can't do in our power for the greater. Good. Let's try and slow down this pandemic and let's try and snap this thing out so we can get back to a normal life. That's what I want to do and wearing a mask. Is it you".

"Afraid a week or a victim. This is about you doing your part of the greater good, wear mask".

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Image Credit: AEW

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