Matt Riddle Vs. John Morrison Full Recap, Matt Riddle Wins(July 3, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 05, 2020
Matt Riddle Vs. John Morrison Full Recap, Matt Riddle Wins(July 3, 2020)
On the following night on SmackDown Matt Riddle was introduced by Cole for an interview about his journey to SmackDown. Meanwhile, King Corbin brought the interruption and let Matt Riddle fix his match against John Morrison.

Both competitors were into the ring as the bail rang, John Morrison with a massive superkick to the back of Matt Riddle's neck. Morrison with driver to take down Matt Riddle, Matt tried to get back into the match but John once again with some shots on his spine, Matt Riddle looked to have some damages but John Morrison with Cross Body on Matt Riddle to take him down.

John Morrison with a massive knee stick and went for the cover but Matt Riddle shocked kicking out at two, the crowd encouraged Matt Riddle, we saw Matt Riddle getting back into the match, suddenly, John Morrison pricked him finger into Matt Riddle's eye but Matt Riddle was quite ready to take a superkick to John Morrison, Matt Riddle looked for another move as John Morrison stood at the top of the apron. John Morrison ducked as Matt Riddle through himself out of the ring.

Matt faced King Corbin and landed a massive shot on King, Matt Riddle went back into the ring as Corbin followed him back, we went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, as Matt Riddle and Morrison were taking a brawl, Riddle with German Suplex, went for the cover but kicked out, Matt Riddle at the top of the ring post for the jump but Morrison with a knee up to cause the damages to Matt Riddle, John Morrison took Riddle on this shoulder with his for the cover but once again Matt Riddle kicked out.

Matt Riddle Suddenly with submission move, Riddle and Morrison fought off at the top of the ring post, John Morrison had the presence of mind to put his weight on Matt Riddle. Morrison with his another move for the cover but kicked out at two, Morrison with Superkick but nothing effect as Matt Riddle had Powerbomb and then a running Knee to take down Morrison.

Matt Riddle lift Morrison on his shoulder, but got the distribution from The Miz, John Morrison with the roll from behind but Matt escaped, Matt Riddle with right roll to win the match.

Winner : Matt Riddle, via pinfall

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