Mia Yim Vs. Candice LeRae Full Street Fight, Triple H Comments

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 09, 2020
Mia Yim Vs. Candice LeRae Full Street Fight, Triple H Comments
We kicked the things off with Candice walking to the ring, Mia Yim from behind out of nowhere dashing Candice down, she put Candice into the ring and sent all the stuff like tables and sticks into the ring, the bail rang as Mia came up with the stick shots, Candice grabbed and had some own shots on Mia, She sent Yim out of the ring, Yim followed the ring once again, but Candice once again brutalized Yim.

They both were out of the ring, Candice sent Yim into the ring post causing her shoulder, Now, Mia Yim destroying Candice near to the dinner table, they beat down with everything they got in their hands, both fought at the top of the dinner table, Candice looked for the German Suplex but instead Yim came out with Dropkick to send Candice into the table.

Back from the break, Yim crashing through the steel chair, Candice with a Dropkick to dash her down, Candice landed some series of shots and went for the steel chair, she caused Yim's injured shoulder with a steel chair, Candice went out of the ring and brought some more chairs, Candice looked fro the Suplex but instead got from Yim, Yim with a kick right to the jaw of Candice, Yim with elbow shots, Yim dumbed the garbage Bin into Candice's face and landed a driver, she went for the cover but kicked out at two, Yim appeared with a bracelet around her fingers, but Candice with a steel chair, she went up to the top rope.

Yim followed her back with a shot and went to settle down the steel Chair, now Yim followed the top turnbuckle looking to sent Candice on the chairs, this time Candice put the bracelet out Yim's fingers and landed a driving neck breaker on the steel chairs for the cover to win the match.

Winner : Candice, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Candice and Yim were still into the ring laying helpless and they got too many damages, the referee check out them.

Triple H used his twitter and wrote, "An amazing, physical, PAINFUL opening match for night two on #NXTGAB. Both @MiaYim and @CandiceLeRae threw caution to the wind... WWENXT Women’s division is on fire! Quote Tweet".