Mick Foley Requests Vince McMahon For A Boneyard Match Next WrestleMania

Jitendra Jangir Sun Apr 05, 2020
Mick Foley Requests Vince McMahon For A Boneyard Match Next WrestleMania
Round of applause to the entire WWE crew who had planned this Boneyard match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker, the only match which took the credit for WrestleMania 36 success. No one could expect that this so would go through on being the kind of Boneyard match. One of the greatest matches of the WrestleMania which took place from the graveyard and it was all about the horror in the dark.

Several superstars have given their take on Boneyard match which also a video comment from Mick Foley who pleaded Vince McMahon to schedule a Boneyrad match at the next WrestleMania, as you can see the full tweet below.

Below is the match recap of the match

We saw a car backstage carrying a coffin in it and the coffin was opened which saw AJ Styles in it. The Undertaker followed the entrance with a bike. The match scheduled into an open arena more like a graveyard. AJ Styles did not hold the control mocking at The Undertaker which enraged The Undertaker to give the complete damages on him. The Undertaker sent AJ right into the car and then all over the arena taking the complete rampage.

The sound was whole like a horrible thing. AJ Styles had the recovery in the ring as he hit some blows on The Undertaker, but AJ was again taken down by The Undertaker, AJ was writhing into pain, meanwhile, they were interrupted by The O.C who came with some men in back dress.

The Undertaker took down everyone with the back to back pushes and then to The O.C. The Undertaker took the stick to launch it on them. Meanwhile, we saw AJ hitting Undertaker from behind with a stone of hit which made The Undertaker unable to get the back up into the match. AJ Styles drive The Undertaker through the wood house. AJ now on the complete hold into the match. He took The Undertaker near to the grave to dig him.

AJ had the digger which he used on The Underkare sent him right into the grave. AJ went on back on the tractor to lay the sand on to the grave so he could bury him there, but what we saw was unacceptable when The Undertaker appeared right behind AJ while he was on the tractor. Undertaker did not wait to take the savagery when he ran AJ through the Graveyard and then we saw Undertaker taking AJ up to the wood house and launched him on the ground.

The Undertaker was looking more devastating when he made AJ Styles scream out of pain, The Undertaker took some sympathy on AJ to let him go from there, The Undertaker went forward but suddenly turned to hit AJ who fall right into the grave and Undertaker went on the tractor to burry AJ Styles.

That's how The Undertaker officially won the match, he then had his bike to go out from there.

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