Monday Night Raw Goes Off The Air With A Intense Mayhem

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 23, 2020
Monday Night Raw Goes Off The Air With A Intense Mayhem
Rey Mysterio headed up into the ring with his son Dominick. He took the mic and said, Rey, said, last Monday he called you several but there was no response from you, and later, got to know that you headed to Raw to avenge his dad. Rey said, he is very proud of you, but at some point, he is angry because you did not listen to me. He then went on to say that we were very worried for you.

Rey said, he is gonna avenge Seth Rollins at his own terms not putting you into the danger. Meanwhile, Dominick took the mic and said, this family needs a fight against Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins interrupted them, Seth got both of them into the ring and said two eyes are batter than one. He headed towards the ring, at the middle, Seth Rollins went on his knee, and we saw Murphy and Austin joining him.

We saw Aleister Black and Humberto attacking both of them from behind. Seth Rollins found his way to escape from there. Dominick was up into the ring where he faced Murphy, he took some shots got beaten at some point, Aleister made the save for Dominick, now they covered Seth Rollins for the Redemption. Rey with 619 to take down Seth Rollins, Rey and Dominick caught Seth for the same harm, he did to Rey Mysterio, Seth was trying to get out of the lock but could not do so.

Murphy and Austin attacked them from behind, now Dominick and Rey were caught by them for another harm. At the spur of the time, Humberto and Black made the save for them. Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin fled from there as the Raw went off the air.

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