Money In The Bank 2020 Tamina Snuka Vs. Bayley(c) Final Preview

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
Money In The Bank 2020 Tamina Snuka Vs. Bayley(c) Final Preview
The stage is set for historic Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at the WWE corporate headquarters, and it all goes down this Sunday at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT on the WWE Network.

SmackDown Women’s Champions Bayley will have her next title challenger in the form of Tamina...but for that Tamina first had to go through Sasha Banks to get the title shot against Bayley. A week ago Tamina returned to her wrestling groud on SmackDown. She didn't even wait to lay down the challenge for SmackDown Women's Championship.

Tamina put her call to the Champion Bayley for the championship match at Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View. Baley would immediately, let Tamiana go through a verification, if she defeats Sasha Banks. Later, a few weeks ago Tamina defeated Sasha Banks by the aid of Lacey Evans. Now Bayley will defend her championship against Tamina.

After Tamina's in-ring return On February 18, 2017, she tried for SmackDown Women's Championship pursuits but failed at every step of the chance. No once but thrice she failed to capture the title shot.

Now, Tamina has the complete access to rub-clean, all she has left behind.

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