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Multiple UFC Superstars Shows Their Interest To Grab Light Heavyweight Title After Jon Jones Vacates

Updated On: Tue Aug 18, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Jon Jones has officially vacated the UFC light heavyweight title, marking the end of an era in the sport. Jones made the announcement on Twitter on Monday that after a conversation with the UFC brass, he has come out with the decision to relinquish the gold.

Just got off the phone with @Ufc, today I confirm that I’m vacating the light heavyweight championship. It’s officially up for grabs. It’s been an amazing journey, sincere thank you to all my competition, Ufc and most importantly you fans," Jon Jones wrote this on Twitter.

Jon Jones believed he deserved more money to move up a weight class, but White said he wasn’t budging on the issue. Jones would later say he’d step back from fighting unless progress was made.

"The last I spoke with UFC about my salary there was no negotiating. If that ever changes, i’d love to come back and compete again as a heavyweight. Until then, I’ll be enjoying Ufc has a fan and doing my best to take care of my family and community," Jon Jones wrote this.

He let out another tweet, "Just had a really positive conversation with @Ufc. Sounds like there will be negotiations for my next fight at heavy weight. All good news, the weight gaining process begins. First light heavyweight to win six championships in a row I’ll pay $100,000 to whatever charity of their liking. I’ll be waiting."

Heavyweight seems to be Jones’ plan for The future if he can get on the same page as the UFC. According to Jones, some impulse has been made in that direction.

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