NXT News: Adam Cole Warns The Velveteen Dream

Jitendra Jangir Fri Apr 10, 2020
NXT News: Adam Cole Warns The Velveteen Dream
The NXT Champion is still not convinced that His Purple Highness is ready to challenge for his title. As we know that The Velveteen Dream challenged but it is being cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic they were supposed to fight at TakeOver: Tampa. Adam Cole earlier took to the camera to lead the message to The Velveteen Dream on getting NXT Championship match. He said, "you beat Bobby Fish, you got lucky in beat Bobby Fish". He said, "one of the baddest men in NXT roster, you got lucky and unfortunately, liking, it never stricks twice, especially when that liking is the greatest NXT Champion there has ever been".

He then further went on to say that, "Let me explain something to you, you don't deserve a shot at my championship, you are a pretender, I am a real deal, I have proven that time and time again and how many times I have to tell it to you to get you through you fix the goal and my friend if you keep pushing, I don't know I wake up and feel like ending an experience, He then said How about shattering a spotlight and unfortunately for you there will be nothing that you can do about it and that's undisputed".

Just days ago, Adam Cole became the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history, surpassing Finn Bálor’s 292-day turn as a titleholder.

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