Nia Jax Vs. Asuka Set For Raw Women's Championship At WWE Backlash

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 26, 2020
Nia Jax Vs. Asuka Set For Raw Women's Championship At WWE Backlash
As we earlier predicted that Nia Jax is currently stating her hands on Raw Women's Championship by calling the bluff on Asuka. This could end up in a Championship match at WWE Backlash on June 14, 2020. ALL she had to do was to face off Nataly and Charlotte FLair to get the ticket for the title shot at WWE Backlash.

On May 18, at the Raw episode Asuka and Kairi Sane were in the ring to have the celebration as Asuka became the Raw Women's champion. They had some trash talking and then they were interrupted by Nia Jax in the ring.

Nia Jax said "there is nothing to celebrate about, she was literally handed over and by the time she will be replaced by someone possessive". Asuka meanwhile, posted Nia Jax with a hip attack sending her out of the ring.

Later, Nia Jax was caught chasing Kairi Sane and Asuka at Backstage. Nia Jax got her hands on Kairi Sane who was found alone, Kairi Sane was taken under the treatment as she covered some injury. Asuka could not endure it anymore and she would take Nia Jax for a strike from behind.

On May 25 at the episode of Raw, Nia Jax defeated Charlotte Flair and Natalya in a Triple Threat match to get the shot against Asuka at WWE Backlash.

Nia Jax is the former Raw Women's Champion, she got to capture from Alexa Bliss who was resolved to call her Body Slam. Later, they both turned out to be evil for each other. On April 8, 2018, at WrestleMania 34, Nia Jax defeated Alexa Bliss to win the title. marking the first title win of her career.

Asuka is not even someone who could be taken away with steeps, Asuka had everything, she wanted to list in her career and now she is on to archive more applauds with Raw Women's title.

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