No One Was Ready To Understand What Happened To Us" - Former WWE Superstar Makes Shocking Revelation About Leaving The Company

Jekesh Jangir Fri Jul 14, 2023
No One Was Ready To Understand What Happened To Us

Superstars come and go every year in WWE and only a few of them are able to openly talk about leaving the company.  Now Naomi has talked about leaving the company in a recent interview.

 In a recent interview with the New York Post, Naomi spoke about her and Sasha Banks (Mercedes Monáe) leaving the company, saying:

At that point it was like me and Mercedes Mone were the only ones there to support each other.  Only Bailey was coming again and again to get our news.  We had to go through that phase alone.  No one was trying to understand what happened there and how we were feeling.  That situation was showing how deep our friendship is."

Remind you that Naomi and Mercedes Mone left in the year 2022 leaving a Raw episode midway in the month of May.  The situation was said to have arisen due to a rift with the creative team.  Well Mone is now working in NJPW, while Naomi made her debut in Impact Wrestling in April 2023.

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