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Nyla Rose Vs. Hikaru Shida Full Recap, Hikaru Shida Becomes The New AEW Women's World Champion

Updated On: Sun May 24, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Rose started the things off with the kendo stick, Hikaru Shida tried to have counter immediately but could not bring any relief for her as Nyla continued to attack her with Kendo stick.

Rose lifted up Hikaru Shida and sent down through a poker table at ringside!.

Hikaru Shida got back up in the match as she performed a massive sliding knee strike and sent Rose to the mat, The referee went on to make the count. Rose recovered back in the match, Rose with a suplex and then a clothesline to take out Rose out of the match almost.

Shida brought Kendo stick back in the ring and led some shots on Rose, then suplexes Rose on it, she went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Rose recovered with a Running power slam. Rose climbed up to the top and hit a flying knee to the back of Shida's neck, she went for the cover but kicked out at two.

We saw Shida climbing up to the top rope and launched a Suplex to pin her for the win but kicked out at two, Shida looked for kendo stick to the leg, Shida with back to back Kendo stick and then with a running knee to the face, she went for the cover and won the match. This is how we got our new champion.

Winners : Hikaru Shida, victory followed by pinfall and the new AEW Women's World Champion

AEW Double or Nothing Nyla Rose Hikaru Shida

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