Oney Lorcan Vs. Timothy Thatcher Full Match(July 1, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 02, 2020
Oney Lorcan Vs. Timothy Thatcher Full Match(July 1, 2020)
We were back into the ring with Timothy Thatcher to face off Oney Lorcan. Timothy Thatcher with double-press lock on Oney Lorcan. There was no way out for Oney to get out of the lock, Oney with a sudden move to flex Timothy Thatcher.

Oney blistered Timothy Thatcher with back to back chop, he went on the top of the ring post but got dashed down by Timothy Thatcher.

Back from the break, a couple of rollings from both the superstars, Timothy Thatcher took down Oney showed him the way out of the ring, Oney back into the ring with Suplex, Timothy Thatcher now got the charge on Timothy Thatcher, they both went for exchange of chops, finally Oney took down Timothy Thatcher with a huge chop and went for the submission lock.

Timothy Thatcher got out of the lock and had his own but could make it to the victory, Timothy Thatcher with Suplex for the cover, but Oney kicked out at two, Timothy Thatcher with armlock to let Oney tap out.

Winner : Timothy Thatcher, victory followed by submission

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