Origin of Jagannath Temple

Anfostar Team Sun Nov 13, 2022
Origin of Jagannath Temple
Origin of Jagannath Temple

Chakra and flag on the top of the temple. The Chakra symbolizes the Sudarshan Chakra and the red flag symbolizes that Lord Jagannath is inside this temple.

It has been learned from the recently discovered copper letters of the Ganga dynasty that the construction work of the present temple was started by the Kalinga king Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva.

, The Jagmohan and Viman parts of the temple were built during his reign (1078 - 1148). Then in the year 1197, Odia ruler Ananga Bhim Dev gave this temple its present form.

Jagannath worship continued in the temple till 1558. In this year, the Afghan General Kala Pahar attacked Odisha and destroyed the idols and parts of the temple and stopped the worship, and the idols were kept in secret on an island in Chilika Lake.

Later, when Ramchandra Deb established an independent state in Khurda, the temple and its idols were restored.

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