Panchag (Hindu calendar)

Anfostar Team Tue Oct 11, 2022
Panchag (Hindu calendar)
Panchag (Hindu calendar)

Panchangam is a traditional Indian Kaladarshak in which Hindu units of time (Var, Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga etc.) are used. In this, important information is recorded in the form of tables or tables, which have their own calculation method.

In its different forms, it is considered almost all over Nepal and India. In Assam, Bengal, Odisha, Panchangam is called 'Panjika'.

The literal meaning of 'panchaङ' is 'five angas' (pancha + anga). That is, in the Panchang, the five things are mainly mentioned - wise, tithi, constellation, karan, yoga. Apart from this, information about major festivals, events (eclipse etc.) and auspicious time is also available from Panchal.

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