Plan for Roman Riegns of Survivor series leaked?

Jekesh Jangir Thu Jul 13, 2023
Plan for Roman Riegns of Survivor series leaked?

Roman Reigns is currently in trouble due to Break of Bloodline, But he has dominated the Mens  Roster as the Universal champion for over 1000 days. Now a Report has come out regarding his future plan, in which it has  been said that the company is considering a banging rematch for him at Survivor series.

According to the reports, that a Champion Vs. Champion match would be booked between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Survivor series 2023. The two stars are former allies and former foes and are currently the top men's champion on the Raw and Smackdown Rosters.

It was also said in this report that the plans are only being considered and nothing has been decided yet. If this gonna be happen than Money in the Bank of Damian Priest would make it more Interesting.

Stay tuned to know the Unknown news about Wwe Universe 

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