Possible Spoiler On Jeff Hardy's Opponent At MITB

Jitendra Jangir Mon Apr 27, 2020
Possible Spoiler On Jeff Hardy's Opponent At MITB
Jeff Hardy is nailed for this week's Friday Night SmackDown. WWE is short of sounding on Jeff Hardy's return with a feud with recent returning Sheamus who is not letting anything covered for Jeff hardy.

The latest video assortment on Jeff's redemption story reasoned with the message that "The Comeback" is on and will look to roll in the feud with Sheamus who is drastically wanting to close the way with Jeff Hardy. With few weeks past, we saw Sheamus; the Irishman shattering Michael Cole for converging on Jeff's return after his wins over local talent in recent weeks.

The matter of fact is that Sheamus and Jeff Hardy will take a shot at MITB to extend their rivalry. Jeff Hardy is one of WWE’s most innovative competitors with commentary in WWE company. He made his comeback on March 13 in a match against Baron Corbin on SmackDown which he won with easy stack.

This being sure for the storyline that jeff Hardy will appear on this week's Friday Night SmackDown in action against Sheamus. We have seen WWE uploading no storyline on Sheamus or not even he is included in Money In The Bank Ladder match which means Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will go one on one at MITB.

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