R-Truth And Drew McIntyre Play A Game Of 'Mad Ribs,' Drew McIntyre Becomes Cold Cecil

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 21, 2020
R-Truth And Drew McIntyre Play A Game Of 'Mad Ribs,' Drew McIntyre Becomes Cold Cecil
R-Truth and Drew McIntyre play a game of 'Mad Ribs,' which transforms the WWE Champion into Cold Cecil, master of the Esophagus Iron, in the second episode of The R-Truth Game Show.

As we can see in the video below, R-Truth saying to Drew McIntyre "I'm gonna give you some categories and You're Gonna Fill in the worst. We're gonna create a new calendar.

An adjective: cold, proper noun: Cecil, nationality: Parts Unknown?, household item: table, A Place: GYM, Other WWE Superstar: R-Truth, adjective: Hot sound effect: Boom, body parts: esophagus, Appliance: iron, These are some question with the replies from Drew McIntyre.

Drew then makes the calendar out of it, and that shows, "Drew's new wrestling name is cold Cecil From parts unknown?, he has a table match for the gym championship against R-Truth at the upcoming Hot Boom pay-per-view. Drew's new Fisher is the esophagus iron".

Truth then says, "I would like me to cut a promo using a disinformation. I just gave a cold Cecil.

You know something R-Truth this Sunday at Hot Boom Pay-Per-View You're in big trouble. Everything from Florida everything from Scotland act dangerous, man. I am the parts Unknown we're going to This Pay-Per-View. We're going to go to war we're going to battle and old smoke has cleared old the dust has settled whether it's gonna be what my life's addicts after you take Boom. There's something is iron. You're going down for the 1,2, 3 brother and I was standing there the first-ever Jim champion".

Below is the full video.

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