Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch And WWE Champion Drew McIntyre To Appear This Raw

Jitendra Jangir Mon Apr 13, 2020
Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch And WWE Champion Drew McIntyre To Appear This Raw
Monday Night Raw is the home of champions, With the New WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre and the reigning Raw women's champion Becky Lynch. They will roll into this Raw.

Shayna Baszler went all-in against Becky Lynch in a Raw Championship bout that somehow ended in a shocking victory for Becky Lynch. Shayna Baszler looked dejected after she was rolled by Becky for the victory to be celebrated on this following Raw. At the end of the match, Becky Lynch was at the verge of losing the game but on the spare of the time, Becky would flip backwards for the roll to win the match.

The cage fighter chocked a large amount of offence but we all knew it takes more than just desire to bring down The Man. After The Queen of spades locked in a Kirifuda Clutch, Lynch dug deep down to counter and retained the title.

Becky Lynch said she is always up defending her championship at any time and anywhere.

The Man will be on the roster for something still to be known. What she has got in the store?

The incredible showdown from Drew McIntyre dazzled even Brock Lesnar by kick out with an instant 1 count. Brock Lesnar could have belive at once but then Drew broke the Three more F5 delivered by Brock Lesnar just before being fired up by 4 Claymore Kicks.

Later got to see an unseen WWE Championship match between Big Show and Drew McIntyre on the following WrestleMania night. Drew retained his title at easy stack. Now it will be his first appearnce on this following Raw episode.

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