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Raw Women's Champion Asuka Teaches You Run Shorter Distance Faster

Updated On: Mon Jun 01, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Asuka is too fast to run a shorter distance faster!!

WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka is having some great teaching on her YouTube channel Kana Chan T.V.

If You Want to be faster? come to take a lesson from Asuka. The desire to run faster is a common theme for all human beings. So Asuka will teach you the tricks to run fast.

As You can see clearly in this video how Asuka is running a couple of times to get the average results and then she edify the use of Rubber bands, potatoes, and tissues which should make everyone run faster.

As we earlier predicted that Nia Jax is currently stating her hands on Raw Women's Championship by calling the bluff on Asuka. This will end up in a Championship match at WWE Backlash on June 14, 2020. ALL she had to do was to face off Nataly and Charlotte FLair to get the ticket for the title shot at WWE Backlash.

Befor defending her title against Nia Jax, she would be up tonight in a Champion Vs. Champion match on Raw.

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