Raw Women's Championship Match Between Asuka(c) Vs. Charlotte Flair Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 23, 2020
Raw Women's Championship Match Between Asuka(c) Vs. Charlotte Flair Full Recap
Raw Women's Champion Asuka made her way up to the ring to defend her title against Charlotte Flair. The Queen also followed the entrance taking a stare at Asuka.

The official introduced both of them, the bail rang and Charlotte Flair stretched herself before going up. They had a handlock at the middle of the ring, Charlotte ran through Asuka with a big drop by her shoulder. Charlotte was isolating Asuka into the corner, Asuka was ground the queen. Asuka then looked for the hip attack but Charlotte would skip it and landed a big right hand.

Charlotte Flair for the jump but Asuka escaped the jump and sent Charlotte out of the ring, Asuka at the top of the apron and landed a big left leg, Asuka followed her, Suddenly, Charlotte Flair with a big boot to Asuka taking her down on the ground, they fought off into the ring.

Charlotte looked for the submission move but that was broken up by Asuka, Charlotte Flair went on the top of the ring post for Moonsault. Asuka was too quick to escape from the Moonsault. Charlotte Flair soon again turned violent over Asuka as we went for the commercial break.

After the break we saw Charlotte chopping through Asuka on her into the turnbuckle, Asuka suddenly, turned to be effective as she ran some chops on Charlotte, we saw Charlotte soon with a big boot to take down Asuka, Charlotte looked for the spear but wisely Asuka escaped as Charlotte sent herself into the ring rope, Asuka with Asuka Lock to Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair was able to get herself out of the lock, and landed a spear for the cover but Asuka had her foot touching to the bottom rope. Charlotte Flair went make another move but this time Asuka would catch Charlotte under Asuka lock and let Charlotte tap out.

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Image Credit: WWE

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