Relationship of Hanuman ji with Goddess or Shakti

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Relationship of Hanuman ji with Goddess or Shakti
Relationship of Hanuman ji with Goddess or Shakti

The relation between Hanuman and Goddess Kali is mentioned in Kritivasi Ramayana. Their meeting takes place in the story of Mahiravan in Yudhishthira of Ramayana.

Mahiravan was a trusted friend/brother of Ravana. After his son, Meghnad was killed, Ravana took the help of the kings of Patalloka, Ahiravan and Mahiravana, to kill Rama and Lakshmana.

One night, Ahiravan and Mahiravana, using their illusions, took the form of Vibhishana and entered Rama's camp.

There he cast the nindra mantra on the monkey army, kidnapped Rama and Lakshmana and took them to Hades. He was a staunch devotee of the goddess and Ravana convinced him to sacrifice the brave fighters of Ayodhya to the goddess, to which Mahiravan agreed.

Hanuman, after understanding the path from Vibhishana to Hades, hurried to save his lord. During his journey, he met Makardhwaja, who claimed to be Hanuman's son, was born from his sweat which was eaten by a Matsya (fish). Hanuman defeated her and tied her up and went inside the palace.

There he met Chandrasen who explained the way to kill Ahiravan and Mahiravan. Hanuman then reduced the size of the bee and moved towards the huge idol of Maha-Kali.

He asked him to save Rama, and the fierce Mata Devi took Hanuman's place while he slipped down. When Mahavira asked the prince-sages to bow down, they refused because they were of royal descent and did not know how to bow down.

So as Ahiravana Mahiravan was about to show him how to bow down, Hanuman took his Pancha-faced form (with heads of Garuda, Narasimha, Varaha, Hayagriva and himself): each head represents a particular symbol.

Hanuman courage and strength, Narasimha fearlessness, Garuda.magical skills and serpent bite, Varaha health and power to exorcise and conquer enemies), blew 5 oil lamps in 5 directions and beheaded Ahiravan and Mahiravan, killing him.

Later he carried Sri Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders and when he flew out of Sri Rama he saw Makardhwaja tied to his tail. He immediately ordered Hanuman to make him the king of Hades. The story of Ahiravan finds its place in the Ramayanas of the East.

It can be found in the Bengali version of the Ramayana written by Kritibash. The passage that talks about this event is known as


It is also believed that after being pleased with Hanuman, Goddess Kali blessed him to be her door-pal or gatekeeper and hence Bhairav ​​and Hanuman are found on either side of the entrance of the temple of the goddess.

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