Religious significance of Rudraprayag

Anfostar Team Sun Oct 16, 2022
Religious significance of Rudraprayag
Religious significance of Rudraprayag

It is described in Skandapuran Kedarkhand that after the end of Mahabharata war in Dwapar Yuga, the Kauravas wanted to get rid of the sin of fraternal murder by the Pandavas. For which the Pandavas needed the blessings of Lord Shiva.

But Shiva was angry with the Pandavas. Because of this, when the Pandavas reached Kashi, they could not find Lord Shiva in Kashi. Then they reached the Himalayas searching for Shiva. But still Lord Shankar appeared to the Pandavas and finally settled in Kedar. But the Pandavas had also come with a firm heart, they followed them and reached Kedar and from this place the Pandavas left the heaven through Swargarohini.

In another incident, in Rudraprayag, Maharishi Narada worshiped Lord Shiva by standing on one foot, due to which Lord Shiva appeared here in Rudra form to Maharishi Narad and Lord Shiva taught music to Maharishi Narad and as a reward.

Presenting the Veena It is believed that for this reason this place came to be called "Rudraprayag".

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