Renee Young Says 'She Took Twitter Off To Feel Better'

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
Renee Young Says 'She Took Twitter Off To Feel Better'
Corey Graves and Renee Young look back on their formative years on the NXT broadcast team and what ultimately brought them together at the announce desk.

Renee Young recently revealed on twitter that she has found positive for COVID-19. While, having the talk with Gorey Graves on After The Bell, Renee explained that she just took Twitter off to feel better.

Renee Young explained that "No, actually we were track that I would actually like that statement or traffic on this entire podcast. I just took Twitter off. Corey Graves asked if it worked out in your favor? Renee Young stated, "Yes. Yeah, it has so I kept Instagram because looking at pictures is fine and cool, but looking at stuff on Twitter was literally making my brain melt. So I've taken it off my phone for the time being and it's a good life. I don't need it right".

Corey meanwhile spoke "I love to no news as it's happening. Obviously Twitter, not the most reliable source for news all the time, but it's nice to know like if something's going down".

Renee went on to say that, "It's I know it's faster than I can refresh my phone. I agree and that's what I bet. Also what I'd like it for but that's what I felt. Like I felt like I was sitting on my couch refreshing refreshing refreshing looking at if there's like, what are you".

"Doing going to do so go live. Literally it took it off. My phone was like here's an idea. Why don't you go read a book outside loser? So I went and did that and it was lovely like I truly felt better for having done it".

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