Renee Young Throws Back On Corey Graves’ In-Ring Retirement

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
Renee Young Throws Back On Corey Graves’ In-Ring Retirement
Corey Graves and Renee Young look back on their formative years on the NXT broadcast team and what ultimately brought them together at the announce desk.

Renee Young threw back On Corey Graves’ In-Ring Retirement on WWE After The Bell

Renee Young added, "it's crazy. Remember, it's funny. I feel like these photos just popped up on like I was like tagged in some stuff on Instagram. I was like, when remembering back to that of like when you had to announce your retirement? Yeah, and then you join the broadcasting team and I can actually remember very specifically we were getting set up to do an NXT takeover".

"I remember Hunter[Triple H] pulling you aside and I was watching you guys being like what is happening over there and this one he offered you the your talent deal that your personality but what did just like such a crazy time and I really like I just remember feeling so like I never been there next to somebody but it was like it was a huge deal for you to announce your retirement and to be there while you're doing that you announced that and it's like okay now we're doing the show. It was just such a weird".

Also note that Renée Young revealed today she was one of the many WWE talents who tested positive for COVID-19 the same week she lost her TV.

Below is the full video.

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