Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 12 May 2023 Matches, Winners, Tickets, Grades, Spoilers and Rumours etc

Jekesh Jangir Sat May 13, 2023
Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 12 May 2023 Matches, Winners, Tickets, Grades, Spoilers and Rumours etc

Last Friday Night Smackdown was an Unexpected episode and cooked  so much Drama and Action in the Kitchen of Wwe Smackdown and Controversial things takes place. According to Controversial things , At Night of Champions we will Definitely get to see a awesome And Full of Fire Event.

The Show Starts with a Triple threat match between AJ Styles, Edge and Rey Mysterio and this match is for World Heavyweight Champion. Winner of before Tournament match Is Seth Rollins. A lot of Action and Dedication to get the Championship is look in the eyes of Superstars, we seen in this match. After a lot of smashing action and Struggle, AJ Styles defeat Edge and Rey Mysterio and put a step forward towards World Heavyweight Championship.

Another Grind for World Heavyweight Championship is happened in between Bobby Lashly, Sheamus and Austin Theory. After a lot of kicks and Punches and applied Dangerous moves on each other, the result of the match is Bobby Lashly. Yes, this Great Giant defeated Sheamus and Austin Theory and he is on way to get World Heavyweight Championship.

The Next match is happened in between Cameron Grimes Vs. Baron Corbin. After  a lot noise of kicks and slaps and effected moves from both the Superstars,This match is Won by Cameron Grimes and this is Unexpected result of the match, but this is the Truth.

Another Scene is related to Gem and Future star of Wwe and he is non another than Roman Reigns. Yes, Roman Reigns entered in Wwe smackdown after a 1 and a half month in the first episode of Raw after Wrestlemania 39. He Came with his two Championship belts and talk something to his fans. After that, he started talking about whatever happened in Bloodline in recent Days. He Shouted on all three members and give some good knowledge about his future. He said that whatever all three is doing in between each other as a family member is not good at all. 

Next is the Tag team match and this is happened in between Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan Vs. Damage CTRL. In this match a lot of hard action and cunning moves we get to see and after so much Brutal Action and the Winners of this tag team match is Racquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan.

The next Matter is related to Bianca Belair. Bianca Belair came for his Celebration, that she is the Longest - reigning Women's Champion of the modern era. Suddenly Asuka came in the Ring and acted that she came to congratulate him, but Unfortunately she suddenly spit some green liquid on Bianca's face and ran from that place. Bianca Belair feel irritated and uncomfortable Becouse of green liquid spitted on her face. Let see what happens after this in between these two Superstars.

Another Main Event match is happend in between the Winners of both Triple threat Matches for World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and their names is AJ Styles Vs. Bobby Lashley. After giving a lot heavy punches to each other and powerfull Action, the Winner of this High profile match is AJ Styles. 

According to the things are going on, we would get to see a Match in between Roman Reigns Vs. AJ Styles at Night of Champions and if this match is happen this is gonna be so Terrible. Chances of Roman Riegns are high for this match if happen. So let see what happens at Night of Champions.

SmackDown drew 2.059 million viewers on Last Week's Broadcast.

 Ratings of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. May 5, 2023 | 2.059 million

#2. April 28, 2023 | 2.473 million

#3. April 21, 2023 | 2.175 million

#4. April 14, 2023 | 2.135 million

#5. April 7, 2023 | 2.468 million

Ticket Sales of Wwe Friday Night SmackDown

#1. WWE SmackDown Venue: Thompson-Boiling Arena (Knoxville, Tenn.)

#2. WWE SmackDown Tickets Distributed: 9,538

#3. Available Tickets: 813

 Winners and Grades of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. AJ Styles Def. Edge and Rey Mysterio

Styles vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio Grade: B+

#2. Bobby Lashley Def. Sheamus and Austin Theory

Lashley vs. Sheamus and Theory Grade: B-

#3. Cameron Grimes Def. Baron Corbin

Grimes vs. Corbin Grade: C+

#4. Roman Reigns Returns

Roman Reigns Return Grade: A-

#5. Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan Def. Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL vs. Rodriguez and Morgan Grade: A-

#6. Bianca Belair’s Championship Celebration

Bianca Belair Championship Celebration Grade: B-

#7. AJ Styles Def. Bobby Lashley

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley Grade: B-

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