Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 28th July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors, Tickets, Ratings, Grades etc

Jekesh Jangir Sat Jul 29, 2023
Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 28th July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors, Tickets, Ratings, Grades etc

The best episode of WWE SmackDown was seen this week.  During this episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso once again came face to face.

  Apart from this, veteran Rey Mysterio suffered a dangerous injury during the match.  Also, the blue brand saw some great matches and segments.  Without further ado, let's take a look at the results of this week's WWE SmackDown.

 #1. Roman Reigns and Jay Uso kick off WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns gave the promo giving credit to himself for the success of The Usos.  During this, Roman Rance accused Jay Uso that he wanted to get his position for a long time.  After this, Jay Uso blamed Roman Rance for breaking The Bloodline and injuring Jimmy Uso. 

However, the Tribal Chief refused to listen to Jey Uso, saying that Jimmy Uso got hurt because of Jey Uso.  Roman Reigns also said that if Jimmy Uso had not been injured 3 years ago, he would have been the right hand man instead of Jay Uso.

 During this, Roman Rance also accused Jay Uso of cheating Jimmy Uso.  Roman Reigns said that everyone knows that Jey Uso cannot defeat him.  After this, Jay Uso said that he has defeated Roman Rance and will beat him once again at SummerSlam.

Backstage, Jay Uso and Grayson Waller face off.  During this, Grayson Waller insulted Jay Uso and asked him to appear on his show.  After this Jay Uso slapped Grayson Waller.

#2. Rey Mysterio vs Santos Escobar in WWE SmackDown (US Championship Number One Contenders Match)

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar started the match by shaking hands.  US Champion Austin Theory was also present in the arena to watch the bout.  This proved to be a great match and the match saw Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar using some of the best moves against each other. 

At the same time, in the last moments of the match, Santos Escobar dived on Rey Mysterio from the top rope.  Because of this, Rey Mysterio got injured and he could not continue fighting the match.  After this the referee declared Santos Escobar the winner of the match.

 Result: Santos Escobar won the match.

Backstage Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville interrupt Bianca Blair's segment and argue with her.  Soon, Charlotte Flair appeared and offered Bianca Blair to join her in a tag team match against Chelsea & Sonya, but Bianca declined.  After this, Charlotte Flair went to Adam Pearce to make the match official.

 #3. Hit Row segment on WWE SmackDown

Hit Row kicks off the promo and soon, L.A. Knight is in there.  L.A. Knight then threatened to harm Ashante Adonis.  Now the match between these two superstars has been booked.

#4. L.A. Knight vs Ashante Adonis in WWE SmackDown

 Ashante Adonis attacked L.A. Knight after the start of the match.  B-Fab then distracted the referee.  Taking advantage of this, Top Dolla attacked L.A. Knight.  Soon, LA Knight made his return in this match.  L.A. Knight then followed up with an elbow drop to Ashante Adonis and pinned him with a BFT move to win the match.

 Result: L.A. Knight beat Ashante Adonis.

After meeting Adam Pearce backstage, Jey Uso booked a singles match for Jay Uso against Grayson Waller. 

 Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits are seen talking backstage.  After this, Bobby Lashley advised Angelo Dawkins of Street Profits to wear different clothes.  Along with this, Bobby Lashley also talked about Carmelo Haze & Trick Williams from Street Profits.

#5. Charlotte Flair & Bianca Blair vs Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville

 Bianca Blair and Chelsea Green started the match.  During this match, Charlotte Flair & Bianca Blair gave a great performance as a team.  Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville also gave a tough fight to Charlotte Flair & Bianca Blair in the match. 

However, it was not enough to defeat the top superstars.  After this, in the final moments of this match, Charlotte Flair won the match by pinning Chelsea Green after giving her a big boot and Charlotte's argument with Bianca Blair was seen.

 Result: Charlotte Flair & Bianca Blair beat Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville.

Backstage Bailey and Io Skye meet.  During this, Io Skye asked Bayley why she left him alone last week.  Bailey claimed that he had to do this to protect Io Skye's belongings.  WWE Women's Champion Oska then came out and threatened Io Sky that she would regret it if she tried to cash in the Women's MITB contract at SummerSlam.

The Battle Royal match has been announced for SummerSlam 2023.  Soon, L.A. Knight met Adam Pearce.  After this, the Brawling Brutes also came there and Sheamus got into an argument with L.A. Knight.

#6. Karynn Cross vs Karl Anderson in WWE SmackDown

 As soon as the match started, Carrion Cross attacked Karl Anderson.  Soon, Karl Anderson looked to dominate Carrion Cross with uppercuts and chops.  Karl Anderson also gave his move to Carrion Cross from the top rope.  Scarlett then distracted Karl Anderson.  Carrion Kross took full advantage of this and hit a cross hammer on Karl Anderson.  

At the same time, in the end, Carrion Cross won the match by pinning Karl Anderson with his finisher.  After the match, Carrion Cross put Karl Anderson in a cross jacket.  Soon, AJ Styles and the rest of The OC members are there to save Karl Anderson.

 Result: Carrion Kross beat Karl Anderson.

The Sheamus vs LA Night match has been announced for next week.

 #7. Jay Uso vs Grayson Waller in the main event of WWE SmackDown

 Grayson Waller's dominance was seen at the beginning of the match in the main event.  Soon, Jey Uso returned and took complete control of the match.  After this, the entry of Roman Rance & Solo Sequoia was seen in the Arena.

This distracted Jey Uso and taking advantage of this, Grayson Waller attacked Jey Uso.  Soon, Grayson Waller took full control of the match.  However, Jey Uso did not give up and made his way back into the match by attacking Grayson Waller. 

After this, Jay Uso speared Grayson Waller in front of Roman Reigns and finally, pinned Grayson Waller with a splash to win the match.  After the match, Solo Sequoia tried to attack Jey Uso but Jey Uso counter-attacked.  Soon, Roman Reigns came to the ring and Jey Uso caused a ruckus by spearing him. 

After this, Jey Uso wanted to splash Roman Rance from the top rope but Solo Sequoia came and attacked Jey Uso.  After this, Roman Rance, along with Solo Sequoia, created a ruckus by attacking Jay Uso dangerously.

 Result: Jay Uso beat Grayson Waller

Broadcast of SmackDown on last week reach 1.23 million viewers.

 Ratings of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. July 21, 2023 | 1.23 million (FS1)

#2. July 14, 2023 | 2.309 million

#3. July 7, 2023 | 2.561 million

#4. June 30, 2023 | 2.354 million

#5. June 23, 2023 | 2.430 million

 Ticket Sales of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. WWE SmackDown Venue: Smoothie King Center (New Orleans, LA)

#2. WWE SmackDown Tickets Distributed: 8,228

#3. Available Tickets: 310

Winners and Grades of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. The Bloodline Kicks Off SmackDown

Bloodline Opening Segment Grade: C+

#2. Santos Escobar Def. Rey Mysterio

Santos Escobar vs. Rey Mysterio Grade: B

#3. LA Knight Def. Ashante Adonis

LA Knight vs. Ashante Adonis Grade: B-

#4. Flair and Belair Def. Green and Deville

Flair and Belair vs. Green and Deville Grade: B-

#5. Karrion Kross Def. Karl Anderson

Kross vs. Anderson Grade: C+

#6. Jey Uso Vs. Grayson Waller

Main Event Grade: B-

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