Rey Mysterio To Appear On Raw To Respond Seth Rollins

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
Rey Mysterio To Appear On Raw To Respond Seth Rollins
Reportedly, the possessor of 619 will be back on next week's Monday Night Raw. However, Rey Mysterio made it pellucid that he is still not medically allowed to get back into the ring but he witnessed last on Raw will dragon him to make his comeback on Raw. On Raw Seth Rollins walked down into the ring to lead his message to Rey Mysterio. He went on to say the same things as he does past a few days. Seth said that "Rey did not accept my invitation but he is happy because Rey's son is coming here to make the response. Rey Mysterio reflected on the big screen and warned Seth not to touch his son.

Seth Rollins offered Dominick to joined his team but Rey would make it clear that he is not joining Seth in weather way. Seth Rollins went knee down waiting for the response of the offer that he made.

Suddenly, Dominick from behind attacking Seth Rollins, he took down Seth Rollins and sent him through the steel stairs. Murphy and Austin rushed towards the ring to make the save, Dominick was covered into the ring, Murphy entered the ring but Dominick sent him out of the ring. Then Dominick went on to dodge everyone by going through the barricade making his way. Rey Mysterio took a deep breath.

It's being rumored that WWE is planning to extent this feud to Extrem Rules 2020 and might get a match unpredictable fixed up. While, we would like to make something very crystal clear that Dominick would be on the Raw with his father.

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Image Credit: WWE

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