Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy Full Recap, Rey Mysterio Suffers Injury

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 12, 2020
Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy Full Recap, Rey Mysterio Suffers Injury
Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black became the winners by Disqualification as Seth Rollins heavily injured Rey Mysterio's Eye.

Seth Rollins was looking desperate with his loss at the hand of Drew McIntyre at MITB. Murphy and Aleister Black kicked the things off. Seth Rollins was still in the same situation as he had no point of touch in the match. Murphy multiple time tried to make the tag with Murphy but Seth Rollins was unresponsible to Murphy.

Murphy all alone took on Black and Rey, he meanwhile tried to awake Seth Rollins but there was no response. Murphy with a kick right on Aleister's body. Aleister recovered with a massive kick right on Murphy. He fell at the apron, Aleister headed to take him down, Aleister confronted Seth but there was no response from Seth. Murphy took the advantage with a massive kick right on Black's face, Black went down on the ground.

After the break, we saw Aleister and Murphy continued to take up the match, Murphy with a kick to take down Black, we saw Black making the tag with Rey, Murphy looked for Rollins but could make him out of the shock. Rey with Back Drop on Murphy. Rey Mysterio went to Seth Rollins's side, Rey pushed Seth Rollins on the ground and set off Murphy on the top for 619. But we saw Seth Rollins suddenly caught him on the way and led some destruction by sending him through the barricade.

Aleister came for the save but Seth Rollins too set him through the barricade. He turned his eyes towards Rey Mysterio, Murphy tried to take up some shots but Seth told him to say back. Seth Rollins grabbed Rey Mysterio's head and caused Rey's eye with the point of steel stairs. The official entered to make a save. Rey was completing writhing in pain and started bleeding.

Winners : Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black, victory followed by DQ

Rey Mysterio suffered an eye injury, the medical team was in the locker room to treat Rey Mysterio. Suddenly, Seth Rollins and Murphy entered the locker room to have an apology to Rey. Aleister Black could not bear anymore as he attacked Murphy. Seth Rollins escaped from there. Murphy and Aleister Black continued to break the fight through the locker room until they were broken up by officials.

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