Rhea Ripley Explains About Being Inspired By Paige And Becky Lynch

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jun 05, 2020
Rhea Ripley Explains About Being Inspired By Paige And Becky Lynch
Rhea Ripley will soon have a Triple Threat match with Io Shirai and NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair at Sunday's 'Takeover: In Your House' event.

So, to brag about her match NXT superstar and the former NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley spoke with Alistair McGeorge of UK Metro to discuss some of her past storylines from her troll to being inspired by Becky Lynch and Paige.

The Man and Paige have been the big inspirations for her, while speaking to this she said "‘I totally understand how Becky felt. And another thing that I relate to is Paige’s movie, Fighting With My Family.

"When I watched that I was like, “Damn that’s my life!” Seeing her at the airport with her parents, her wrestling friends and family, and everyone’s crying and saying goodbye"

"It was the exact same feeling for me. To see how far everyone’s come – Becky, Paige, everyone that came from different countries."

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At the end she spoke about reclaming the championship from Charlotte FLair so that she will be able to make her family and country proud.

She added "Just to see how far they’ve come is absolutely incredible – and it is inspiring! I wanna do that stuff. I wanna make my family proud, I wanna make Australia proud, all of that.".

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