Rhea Ripley Vs. Aliyah & Robert Stone Full Match(July 1, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 02, 2020
Rhea Ripley Vs. Aliyah & Robert Stone Full Match(July 1, 2020)
We went down into the ring with Rhea Ripley into the ring to face off Aliyah & Robert Stone in a Handicap Match. Aliyah & Robert Stone also made their way.

The bail rang, Robert with goggles and mouthpiece, Robert and Rhea Ripley kicked the things off, Robert had some amazing way to dodge Rhea Ripley, Robert went for the attacked but instead got took down by Rhea Ripley, she sent Robert out of the ring, Rhea engaged in a talk with Robert, Meanwhile, Aliyah from behind causing the offense.

Rhea Ripley back with the charge ripping both apart, Aliyah had some way to make the damages on Rhea Ripley as she took down Rhea Ripley out of the ring, Aliyah took Rhea back to the ring for the cover but Rhea with kick out.

Back from the break, Robert and Aliyah taking the hard-hittings on Rhea Ripley, Aliyah and Robert looked for the double suplex but Rhea Ripley with her won Suplex at the same time, Rhea Riley went back and forth with both of them. A headbutt by Rhea to Robert, Rhea Ripley with an Anklelock on both the superstars to let them tap out.

Winner : Rhea Riley, victory followed by submission

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