Ricochet challenge Brock at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia for title match

Anfostar Team Fri Feb 07, 2020
Ricochet challenge Brock at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia for title match
It was a Triple Threat Match between Seth Rollins, Ricochet and Lashley in which the winner challenges Brock Lesner for the championship match at the upcoming WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

Seth Rollins was the first to enter the ring, as he followed by Ricochet, Bobby Lashley came out as the final contender of the match. The bail rang and they three waited for nothin to pull down each other. Bobby Lashley got the neck breaker to both contenders and looked to control both of them. Ricochet took the driving seat as he made dropkick on Bobby Lashley and sent him down to the ring, then he jumped through the top rope of the ring and dased down Bobby on the ground. Ricochet went to the upside and had another jump on Seth Rollins.

Ricochet went on the top of the ring post as he was going to pull down Seth Rollins he was thrown by Buddy Murphy on the ground. AOP and Buddy Murphy teamed up to cause the distraction on both of them. meanwhile, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders also entered the ring and took AOP, Buddy Murphy out of the Arena.

The three contenders were in the ring as Bobby Leshey was taking the complete devastation on both of them. Bobby grabbed Seth Rollins in his arm but exactly he was beaten down by Ricochet who jumped on Bobby and Seth Rollins in the assemble.

Ricochet had his move on Seth Rollins and went for the cover but the cover was broken out by Bobby Lashley. He then took everything in his hand as he went on to make Spinebuster on both of them. Bobby Lashley was going to pick another move to finish off the match in his favor but he disrupted by Seth Rollins. Three contenders were in the middle of the apron. Finally, Ricochet went on the top rope to fix his move on Bobby Lashey to win the match.

After the match, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar immediately followed the ring in much rush and dropped Ricochet with the F5 before he could barely stand to look at his celebration mood Fans booed Lesnar stood tall in the ring over Ricochet raising the WWE Title in the air.

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