Roderick Strong Vs. Dexter Lumis First-Ever Full Strap Match

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jul 02, 2020
Roderick Strong Vs. Dexter Lumis First-Ever Full Strap Match
Roderick Strong Vs. Dexter Lumis was next up in a Strap match, Strong headed towards the ring, The nightmare of Strong walks down to the ring.

Strong said Dexter to back up, The referee strapped Dexter and went for Strong but he was not ready to put on, Strong with a sudden attack, Dexter right appeared from behind shocking strong, Dexter with a big dash to Strong and went to bind Strong with the strap, Dexter with drastically making the hits on Strong, Dexter Lumis went back and forth into the turnbuckle, Strong meanwhile had some chop, but it looked to have not effected Dexter, Lumis with Backbreaker

Strong with nasty knee strick, Strong at the top of the ring post, but Dexter saved himself by driving Strong into the ring, They both went back and forth out of the ring, Dexter exploded some shots with Strap, they fought at the top of the entrance, Dexter bumped Strong to the screen, Strong opened up the dicky of the car but got the attack from behind by Strong, he went for Backdrop smashing Dexter on the concrete. Strong got him back to the ring, Strong with back to back strap shots. Strong meanwhile, asked him "who I am?

Strong backing down, Dexter fot the shout from the crowd to do batter against Strong, but Strong continued to have chop with strap, Dexter Lumis with sudden Closeline, Dexter unloading the series of right hand and then German Suplex for the cover, 1, 2 kicked out.

They both fought off at the top of the ring post, Strong with Superplex to Dexter, Roderick put the strap around the Dexter's ankles, Dexter somehow slid down from the ring, Bobby Fish out of nowhere attacking Dexter Lumis, Strong took the advantage and had the move for cover but kicked out at two.

Bobby Fish joined the ring in order to take down Dexter, but instead they both a massive Close line, sending Bobby Fish out of the ring as well, Dexter went for the strap around the neck of Strong to let him tap out.

Winner : Dexter Lumis, victory followed by submission

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