Roman Addressed About The Victory On Baron Corbin During Saturday night in Miami

Anfostar Team Sun Feb 02, 2020
Roman Addressed About The Victory On Baron Corbin During Saturday night in Miami
Rona Reigns was seen on opening Night on the red carpet at Super Saturday night in Miami. The Big Dog discussed his issue with King Corbin, the return of his family member The Usos, rooting for the 49ers and more. Last week Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode in a stipulation match which added that whoever wins will eat dog's food. Eventually, Roman Reigns and The Usos walked out as victorious and they covered dog's food on King Corbin.

At Super Saturday night in Miami Roman Reigns was asked about the night which he won by defeating King Corbin. Roman Reigns said: I felt great, you know I mean, "I am not laying" Baron embarrassed me and he was on numbers over me, beat me down pretty good but it was good to have my family back to help me out, The Usos coming back and that really felt good.

Roman Reigns was also caught up for the WrestleMania road after the Royal Rumble which was won by Drew McIntyre. He went on to praise Drew by saying that I mean, you gotta give a lot of respect for Drew, he capitalized, it was a pretty clutch performance from his behalf. Roman Reigns added that Drew chosed Brock Lesnar and that leaves an opening for SmackDown Universal championship and that's why it's gonna make Friday Night SmackDown very interesting because of we have lot of stories to tell, we gotta get to the point.

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