Roman Reigns Congrats Keith Lee And Demands A Possible One-On-One

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jul 11, 2020
Roman Reigns Congrats Keith Lee And Demands A Possible One-On-One
Recently The NXT Champion and Still the North American Champion Keith Lee spoke with Sports Illustrated about his WWE run.

While speaking with Sports Illustrated Keith Lee refused to accept the credit alone. He singled out Roman Reigns for helping push his career forward, creating an incredibly powerful moment in November at Survivor Series when they faced off together in the ring.

Keith Lee said, "Roman doesn’t get enough credit for what he means to this sport, And he went above-and-beyond to make that moment. The simple gesture of our fist bump, he turned that into magic. That was the start of something very special for me. He is such a superstar that he made that moment overshadow everything else that happened in that match, and I won’t forget it.”

This comment from Keith Lee would leave Roman Reigns appear with a reply and a possible one-on-one someday.

Roman Reigns took to his Twitter and wrote, "Congrats on one hell of a journey @RealKeithLee. Still a ton of work to do, which I know you already know. Keep killin it and representing. I definitely still want that one on one, Champ!".

We can sure abut a possible one-on-one between Roman Reigns and Keith Lee.

However, both have already confronted in-ring action which saw Roman Reigns eliminating Keith Lee to win last year's Man's Survivor Series Match. As we know, while, appearing on FS1 WWE Backstage, Keith Lee revlead the whisper, Roman Reigns said to him at Survivor Series. Keith Lee revlead that Roman Reigns came to me and said, "I want a one-on-one with you".

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