Roman Reigns Jokes About His Recent Dog's Food Segment On Baron Corbin

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 01, 2020
Roman Reigns Jokes About His Recent Dog's Food Segment On Baron Corbin
Welcome to Anfostar_last Night's Friday Night SmackDown went off the air with Dog's food segment on Baron Corbin done by Roman Reigns and The Usos. Ii was unacceptable for both Roman Reigns and King Corbin, let me tell you how_Well, Roman Reigns came with a resolution to beat down in tag-team match but he instead declared a Stipulation match that whoever wins, will eat out dog's food so went it went acceptable with Roman Reing that he could pay back his humiliations. It was also unacceptable for Baron Crobin which I need not to tell you how!!

Before their matchup both the teams had the confrontation in the ring where Baron Corbin said "Roman Reigns only won the match on Sunday" because The Usos helped him, He would've done better and even won the Rumble Match if it weren't for the cheating in the Falls Count Anywhere match King. Corbin said he has a weird dog food fetish or he's still living in that moment as if it's the best moment of his career. Roman Reigns took the mic and said to King Corbin, Robert Roode and, Dolph to have a stipulation match, the loser will eat the dog's food. King Corbin accepted the match.

Roman Reigns and The Usos defeated Baron Corbin, Robert Roode, and Dolph Zigler. According to the rules King Corbin witnessed to eat out Dog's food, Corbin tried to forge his way out of the Arena but he was handcuffed by The Usos who cuffed Corbin to the ring post as he did the same with Roman Reigns a Few months ago. Roman Reigns came running with a big Spear on King Corbin to swipe him out. Roman Reigns took the food with a spoon and splashed it on King's face. Roman Reigns was not satisfied with the little splash so he took the whole bucket to pour on King Corbin. Lastly, The Usos and Roman Reigns had a pose together with King Corbin, this is how Roman Reigns paid back.

Later, Roman Reigns took to Twitter to reply one of his fans who said "Roman flicking the spoon has me rolling You petty as hell @WWERomanReigns"

Roman Reigns replied: "Stole that from the movie, Hook. Lost boy imaginary food scene... A kid in me always wanted to do that! Thanks for letting me live that one out, Fettish Boy!"

You could check out below is the full tweet.

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