Roman Reigns Reveals His wished Marvel Character During India Ask WWE 6 Episode

Anfostar Team Fri Jan 31, 2020
Roman Reigns Reveals His wished Marvel Character During India Ask WWE  6 Episode
Welcome to Anfostar_One of the famous superstars in India, Roman Reigns set down to have a fair conversation with Now India's last 6 episode 'India Ask WWE'. He had lots of questions from Indian fans to put through for Roman Reigns and the one which constantly caught our eyes to respond. He was asked whether he would like to have a match, John Cena, again.

He responded I'd love it. You know, I think it's really shown over the past year or so, just what having his presence dows for our show. I really enjoyed the time that I spent in the ring with him and if you can not learn from someone like Hohn Cena then shame on you.

So, Yeah, I think any time that we can have LL RHW Biggest Superstars to represent WWE, It's a good thing. I know he is busy and he is killing it right now in Hollywood, but yeah, if you ever want some again, John Boy, here we go.

Later he had another question to reply which also was worth noticing at some point. On being whether he would be interested in staring in a Bollywood movie. He said "would keep in the mind"

Roman Reigns on responding which Marvel character would you like to play? he picked one the most famous Marvel Superstar "Thor"

In July 2017, WWE dubbed Cena a "free agent" during the Superstar Shake-up which defined that he would work for both the Raw and SmackDown brands. Follow ing his return, Cena feuded and defeated Rusev in a flag match at Battleground, Baron Corbin at SummerSlam, and was defeated by Roman Reigns at No Mercy. During his feud with Reigns, the two cut various worked shoot promos on each other and revealed his retirement from WWE.

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