Roman Reigns Reveals That His WIfe Is Expecting Twins Again

Jitendra Jangir Thu Apr 16, 2020
Roman Reigns Reveals That His WIfe Is Expecting Twins Again
Roman Reigns revealed in a Muscle and Fitness interview that his wife is expecting twins again!

Roman Rance was scheduled to fight in a Universal Championship match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 but withdrew his name before the show. WWE then presented Bron Strowman in front of Goldberg. Bron Strowman achieved the most special title of his career and emerged as the champion.

“Three [kids], with two in the oven. I’m looking to be Papa Bear Five." Roman Reigns said this in an interview with Muscle and Fitness

Roman Reigns get to leave WWE a few years ago due to a leukaemia disease where he confirmed not to be back again possibly in the ring Although he has not landed a big affirmation to be back in the ring and we saw Roman Reigns again had to take a leave off from WWE leukaemia disease due to Coronavirus Pandemic whereby he was supposed to fight against Goldberg for Universal Championship

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The reports were colliding that Roman Rains had given his spot due to Coronavirus as he was not feeling well at the time. Now it likely to confirm that he took one step back due to his wife's pregnancy which he also explained in live Instagram video.

For the time being there is no report that when he would be making his way back to the ring.

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