Roman Reigns Talks About Double-Duty Role At Royal Rumble On WWE Backstage

Anfostar Team Wed Jan 29, 2020
Roman Reigns Talks About Double-Duty Role At Royal Rumble On WWE Backstage
Welcome to Anfostar_WWE Backstage was live from Miami, Florida. The episode featured Roman Reigns WWE Backstage debut and The New Day's approach. Roman Reigns spoke about wrestling in two matches on this year's Royal Rumble, after missing the PPV entirely last year during his battle with leukemia.

During the Backstage talk, he put lots of topics about he nigh at Royal Rumble. He spoke when he was asked about being confronted to Edge "He's only one man, but everybody wants a piece." -Roman Reigns on the WWE locker room wanting to face Edge. Reigns said the night was very hard and double-duty for him as he first defeated King Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. He then approximately won the Royal Rumble but was eliminated by the winner, Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns "It was just such a great story for me, ya know?" Reigns said. "It's such a blessing, just to be here, healthy, feeling good. That's always such a blessing. Sometimes you can take your eye off the ball and get distracted, but the little things you kind of you know can add up and make that big picture. So, to be a part of the Royal Rumble, to be healthy, and to be in there participating—not only be a part of the show but be in that double-duty role and have that responsibility to not only start the show-off but to close it.

"Making that moment and take Drew to the next level, get him that win, and get him to WrestleMania. I take a lot of pride in that, especially for a guy like Drew McIntyre. He's busted his ass and worked really hard." and his way out.

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